• We dare you to become future digital business leader who have big social awareness.

    Get ready to change the world even better.

Indonesia Needs Digital Future Business Leaders

Hello youth! We are waiting for you to be the digital business leader that has society awareness. This is your chance to make your creative digital ideas to come true and it will be beneficial for the society around you!

Digital world development is increasingly projected in the couple of years. This will give a great impact on every aspects nation wide and international.                    

The rapid changes need to be balanced on the quality and creativity of its human resource.

Socidigileaders is one of Telkom Indonesia’s corporate responsibility to create smart and caring young generation on the current environment problems.

Through this competition, Indonesia want a creative, innovative and caring generation just like you to be the future digital leaders that has high society awareness

Are you one of them? 

Play this video for more information!

What is The Sociodigileaders Competition?

Sociodigileaders is a competition which involves creative ideas that will be impactful for the society. Ideas from social studies, law, environment, human resources, technology, business, product, system development or any digital application ideas are acceptable. Experts will give guidance through local mentoring and bootcamp that all participants could acquire knowledge and unforgettable experiences. It enhances the spirit of leadership, entrepreneurship, teamwork and communication skills on the society awareness. The best idea will have the opportunity to visit world creative places in Europe and Asia and many more!



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If you have any further inquiries about Socidigileaders, do not hesitate to ask us through our social media Sociodigileaders or let us know your questions below. We’ll wait for you!