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Sociodigileaders 2016 Flashback, Paid Internship : Enrich Knowledge, Enlarge Your Network


After joining various bootcamps as the leadership program , finalists of sociodigileaders 2016 went ahead in the next challenge, paid internship. This paid internship was to train the abilities of finalists in teamwork, negosiation, and enlarge the network to blow up their ideaa. Paid interneship were guided by the seniors leaders of PT Telkom Indonesia, dirrectly.

Participants would be given some cases from the senior leaders, for 3 weeks. Paid internship were held in participants’s own hometown. Participants had also done some mentoring session with DiLo along the paid internship. DiLo is the central of devotee’s interaction and as the cenral of the agents ofdigital cretive industry that aimed to create the candidates of digitalpreneur who is ready to enter the industry in the next level. Participants learnt about basic things about startup, there were procedure idea validation, costumer validation, product validation, business model validation, and market validation.

Paid internship is one of the opportunities for the participants to promote their ideas to PT Telkom Indonesia. As the exeperience form one of participants in Sociodigileaders 2016, which was that told if the success of was caused by this Paid Internship as one of the reasons. Because could be recognized by the employee of PT Telkom in Semarang which is one of the investor in Angon.Id in nowdays.

Because of Paid internship, we got a large market access so that we can get a lot of chances to ptching in a several events. The investor for our application was also increase more and more. Said the founder of the online farming platform, Angon.Id, Agif Arianto.

So, who wants to reach success of using the chance like Angon.Id?

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