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Kapiler, The Digital Application of Kindness Link Development


The emergences of  innovative ideas to develop digital application contribute in helping people do their activities more easily. The benefits of such applications include easy access to communication, health control, financial control, investation, dan social issues. Kapiler, the finalist of Sociodigileaders 2016, appears as one of the applications that take parts in supporting social life. It emerges to fulfill people’s interest in social activities, because lack of informations about orphanage and charitable institutions affects  the distribution of funds and donations.

Kapiler Indonesia is the Social Digital Startup that connects orphanage, nursing home, and many other charitable institutions with the agent of change so that the link of kindness and prospherity is developed sistematically and simultanously.

In fact, orphanage is the media of empowerment that significantly helps people. Orphanage, not only has programs to treat orphans, but also act in empowering non-institution adopted children and families, providing free daycare and Waste Bank, and many other beneficial programs of empowerment.

With a visions of giving prospherity for all charitable institutions all over Indonesia, Kapiler has acted in donating for the amounts of Rp300.000.000,-. Besides, after competing in Sociodigileaders 2016, Rizky and the team  also won other achievement as the 2nd Best Social Businees Project in Program Community Leaders Ayamin Plus arranged by NAMA Foundation, Ghadan Institute that based in Arab Saudi, and Waffa Indonesia. Now they take role as the one of Delegation of Asean Conference on Social Entrepreneurship, International Singapore Foundation.

Next, what will Kapiler do in the future?

As the CEO of Kapiler, Rizky stated that He and the team will collaborate with all NGO, Private and Government Institution to locate and empower more Charitable Institution all over Indonesia with applications and programs of empowerment. Recently, there has been some agencies and corporation ready to take actions. Beside to work locally, Kapiler will cooperate with other parties more globally to aid the program. This movement of kindness will occurs in no time. Just wait!