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2016 Sociodigileaders- Flashback: Unforgettable Experiences – Learn Together with Indonesia’s Experts


After two previous days got exciting experience by enjoying the nature’s beauty in Bandung.Then,the finalists were invited to enrich each knowledge of digital science, entrepreneur, and communication skills in Ciater. No less fun playing with water in the previous episode, this time, the 2016 Sociodigileaders participants were invited to feel the beauty of Sari Ater Villa & Resort while following various classes from the experts.


On August 9 2016, the Sociodigileaders’ finalist were prepared to get guidance from the most respected experts in Indonesia. Started with sharing session from Deputy Executive General Manager Coherence and Innovation Management of PT TelekomunikasiIndonesia, Tbk., Mr. Ery Punta, related to on how excavating passions and deeper insight about Telkom Indonesia as the largest telecommunication company that has more attention in the digital world.


The second sharing sessionswas not less interesting; that was discussing about the digital business’ trend and experience in building business by the Chief Business Development Officer of WIR Group,Mr. Peter Shearer Setiawan. The first day of sharing session in Sari Ater was over, not forgetting snacks and meals werealready served to increase the participants’ spirit and energy.


Continuing on the second day, the 2016 Sociodigileaders’finalist got an opportunity to discuss directly with Rinaldi Firmansyah, Commissioner of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. This time, the discussion was discussing about leadership and how to manage other people. Two important things that should be owned by the 20 teams of 2016 Sociodigileaders’s finalist.


Behind all these materials, it felt salty if not completed with knowledge of communiaction skill which was a compulsory skill for the participants. In fact, in the evening, Sociodigileaders’ committe invited Ivy Batuta as a mentor of communication skills. Ivy Batuta is an artist, radio host, and presenter. After participating the Ivy Batuta’s classwhich full of games, the participants were invited to know more about themselves and their respective life goals with experienced coaches. In that session, each participant could mutually assess among individuals and certainly giving valuesin themselves.


The series of leadership still continues, the last class material was filled by the young generation who was very excellent in Indonesia up to the international events. There were Arief Widhiyasa (Chief Executive Officer of AGATE STUDIO) and Muhammad Nur Awaludin (Chief Executive Officer KAKATU), the speakers were young people who have been successful in digital application world and on this occasion they shared their knowledge related to the startup world to 60 Sociodigileaders’ participants. Sharing session running with full of excitement and crowded because many participants were enthusiastically asked the speakers.


On August 12 2016, the finalists were invited to attend the Social Need Orientation series which was a social service program to the community. Divided into teams, each team gets a special challenge to conduct positive activities in the community around Bandung. From remote schools, orphanages, nursing homes to Special Schools (SLB). The program’s purpose was to train the social sensitivity of the participants, as this is the Sociodigileaders’ main goalgivingborn new leaders in the digital world who have a high social feels to build Indonesia better.


At night, after dinner, the participants were surprised by Abdul and Coffee Theory. Then, afterward, the participants were amazed by the presence of the Indonesian figure, he was Abah Iwan Abdulrachman. He is a Motivator, Song Writer, SilatMaster, Wanadri Key Person, Environmentalist, and Indonesian Soldier. Abah Iwan is a very authoritative and inspiring public figure, indeed in delivering materials was very unique as it combined his stories in a guitar symphony.


In the night full of hope, Abah Iwan's messages for youth, were to always be nationalistic and invited to always love the universe.

Development did not mean to colonize the realm, in just, in this developed country, human beings began to realize that Nature may silent, but it is not an inanimate objects.