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The Success Story of Vestifarm of Sociodigileaders


Who says to be a breeder is only for those living in the village and owning special land for farming. Recently, raising cattle is getting easier, and so is investing and monitoring livestock. Yep! Vestifarm is the onlinecattle breeding solution that can be carried out anywhere and anytime. Vestifarm now has hundreds of investors with managed funds reaching Rp 770,000.00, with  1000 cows owned on the farm.

Surprisingly, the founders of Vestifarm are still very young, and already own their independent company. Who are these people ? First, Dharma Anjarrahman , the CEO, is a graduate of Telkom University. Next,the CTO is Nugroho Budi Wicaksono, and the CMO of Vestifarm is Nanda Septiana who is the wife of Dharma Anjarrahaman. Behind the success that Vestifarm achieve, there must be a tale of twists that are not less interesting !, Let's find out

Vestifarm idea began when the three of them decided to join the idea competition held by Telkom Indonesia, namely SOciodigileaders. At that time, Nanda and Nugroho were still employees of a major international company, while Dharma was also being preoccupied with his work. Their struggle began to be buffeted when Nugroho and Nanda was imperilled of being unemployed from the company. Well, that's when they learn to choose wisely, because life is an option. Should they survive as employees, or take courage to reach their dreams in the world of farming.

And the answer comes out now! After managing time as good as possible, everything soon getsbetter and even bring Vestifarm into the 2nd champion in the Sociodigileaders 2016competition.

“Sociodigileaders have changed the lives of each member. In the start we were employees,but now, everyone is an entrepreneur”, said Dharma, CEO of Vestifarm.

Dharma added, thanks to SDL, he is able to get new friends who are certainly helpful for Vestifarm business. Nowadays,  with the provision of mentoring from the experts, every individualhas become a better person.

Now, Online Breeding,  that was so unimaginable,has become so reachable with the aid of Vestifarm. By participating in the Sociodigileaders, the Vestifarm team got access to mentors guidance on how to learned  better idea development and better communication skill  to convince investor.

Moreover, Vestifarm's achievements did not stop there. A few months after his victory at Sociodigileaders, Vestifarm then returned to take action in the NextDev competition from Telkomsel. Dharma said that his goal of participating inNextDev was to re-validate with a wider market. Infact, Vestifarm managed to get the award as the best UKM apps.

How interesting the story of Vestifarm struggle is, isn’t it?Just wonder who will win Sociodigileaders this year and follow the success of alumni like Vestifarm ?