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Simbah, The Youth’s Creation to Help the Farmers


“Simbah” is a Javanese language meaning a grandmother or grandfather in a family. However, this is not just merely any “Simbah” we have known. This time, Simbah is a startup engaged in agriculture, a creation of our young-talented creator named Mujiyanto. Graduate from Computer Science Amikom Yogyakarta, he had previously tried to plunge into the startup’s world but had lost due to lack of the teamwork’s consistency and commitment. Armed with his experiencesin building a startup and working as a manager in an office, Mujiyanto finally determined to brew a startup called “Simbah” as a manifestation of his motivation to help the family in farming and helping other farming families.

Simbah is a social enterprise focusing on B2B productivity and marketing. Therefore, productivity is defined as creating productive, independent, and prosperous farmers. Meanwhile, marketing includes providing agricultural needs and agricultural products competing in terms of price, reliable in terms of supply and good quality and alsousing the target market business to business (B2B).

As the top 20 of the 2016 Sociodigileaders, Mujiyanto got a lot of insights related to the startup world, one of them related to Customer Validation procedures. “We will do Customer Validation in Yogyakarta and Boyolali. Furthermore, also paralleling to complete simbah-beta version to simbah LTS”, said Mujiyanto.

Mujiyanto’s spirit in the startup world is not only following the Socodigileaders, but Simbahis also active in some other startup events, for instances Indigo Creative Nation, and Google Launchpad Accelerator.

Continuing in creating Simbah and making Indonesia proud with the continuous innovation’s result. Well, can you follow Mujiyanto’s achievements? Prove your greatness in 2017 Sociodigileaders!