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Knowing The Angkuts, the 3rd Winner of 2016 Sociodigileaders Continuing Its Achievements


Hello, this time we will explore the third champion 2016 Sociodigileaders’ (SDL) story namely Angkuts. Do you guys already know about Angkuts? Well, Angkuts is a startup from Pontianak. Angkuts providesgarbage transportation services through mobile apps. So, just make a call through Angkuts application, “Pengangkuts” (the name for theAngkuts’ driver) will come to pick up your trash, and the garbage will be paid on its condition where your garbage has been sorted well.

Startup that was initiated by three young achievers: Uthamy Ayuningrum (CMO), Try Wahyudinata (CTO) and Funun Salmania (COO) is the only startup from Pontianak who passed the selection of the top 20 of 2016 Socio Digi Leader (SDL) competition, as the first startup idea competition from Telkom Indonesia. Within 2 months, July - September 2016, Angkutshas gained bunch of experiences.

“During the SDL activities, not only knowledge abouta startup that we obtained, but also had the opportunity to receive knowledge about Telkom Indonesia. Lots of things are taught to us. Starting from building a startup business, a team solidity, and most importantly is the idea that we make must have a social impact and can solve existing problems in the community, “said Arum (CMO Angkuts)

As the 3rd winner, Angkuts is given the opportunity to learn many things about startup in Singapore with the favorite winner “Team Barbel Manja“bringing the idea of ​​Bukubuk. In Singapore, they visited several co-working spaces and startup incubators. Those places are NUS Enterprise, Paypal, SMU, and many more. They received many positive things when studying in Singapore, so that after Angkuts came back to Indonesia, they even got much more excitement in building Indonesia.

After following the SDL event, Angkuts also participated in another startup competition, called Nextdev organized by Telkom Indonesia’s subsidiary, Telkomsel. This competition is intended for startups that are already running and developing. Praise to the Lord!Angkuts has been running for about a year since its launching on May 22, 2016. In the Nextdev competition, Angkuts entered the top 5 best startups and awarded as the favorite winner of Indonesian people’s choice award, and they went back to Singapore to learn many things. During this visit, they also had the opportunity to visit Spacemob, Facebook, Google, and many more.

“SDL gives us color. Not only the knowledge we gained, but also a very intimate kinship. Hopefully, through this some kind of events, the Indonesia’s youth generationhas much more spirit to advance our beloved country Indonesia. Why? Because Indonesia Need Us”. Said Funun (COO Angkuts)