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Sociodigileaders 2016 Flashback : The best twenty teams


Challenge in digital world had grown so fast which waken up the biggest telecommunication company in Indonesia to build candidates of Digital Leaders who can make a better Indonesia.

Sociodigileaders is an event to compete and develop ourselves to produce a mature generation whether from its hard or soft skill.

In 2016, sociodigileaders were held in the month of June for the first time with a concept of tournament that concerned in idea of dgital application. Followed by 243 teams from whole country, this competition finally chose the best fifty teams and invited them to presence in front of the judges in Santika Premiere ICE Hotel, BSD Grand Boulevard, Serpong Tangerang.

Besides the idea of innovation that they have already sumbitted, creativity to deliver the idea was also one of the criteria. The judges wasn’t an airhead either. They were the social expert, techno expert, and the senior leader from Telkom Indonesia which concerne in digital division.

That night was the decision night which decide the best twenty teams which allowed to go ahead in the next step which was more fun. After a long discussion, finally the 20 ideas of Sociodigileaders 2016 had been aready chosen, they were Maulapor, Kapiler Indonesia, Angon, Indonesia Melek Jurusan, Tukangpedia, Sadar, Greeco, e-Chef, Semargareng, Trashme, Bukubuk, Vestifarm, Futsall, Angkuts, Taponkatul, Lestari,,, Simbah, and Farmhub.

That twenty team were allowed to get a fun experience and joining bootcamp in Bandung for a week, to increase their leadership, creative enterpreneur, teamwork, and communication skill. Moreover, they would increase their ability in technology, business, marketing, and digital knowledge, they got a chance to get paid intership from the experts from Telkom Indonesia. For the final touch up of their ideas, Sociodigileaders had given them some facilities which provide mentors from DiLo that is a center of devotee’s interaction and as the core of agents of digital creative industry which aimed to create the candidates of digitalpreneur that ready to enter in Industry.

Moreover, coaching session with great coaches had been also gotten for almost 2 months.

Curious about how fun the activity was? And about how the twenty teams gotten so much experiences with Sociodigileaders?

Follow their fun and click here!