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2016 Sociodigileaders - Flashback: Time for the Grandfinals, Who is the Chosen Team going to the Sillicon Valley


September 13 – 16 2016 was the most awaited and most thrilling event for the 2016 Sociodigileaders’ finalists. As on that date, the participants would go through some series to the Grand Final. Curious enough? What kind of prizes for the 2016 Sociodigileaders’ winners?


The 2016 Sociodigiladers winners had an unforgettable experience, here were the prizes for the first-year-champions of Sociodigileader:

Obtaining opportunities to visit the world’s creative centers in USA, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Obtainingfresh money award for the ideas development’s fund.

Scholarships for those attendingfinal or last year semester students

Having a chance to become part of Telkom Group as the Innovator Team!


Those overloaded prizes were awaited by the participants, but before the grand final was held, the finalists were invited to know further aboutTelkom Indonesia by joining the company visit. Gathered at Telkom Smart Office, participants were divided into several small teams to visit some of Telkom Indonesia’s subsidiaries. Telkom Indonesia has 74 subsidiaries spread across Indonesia, and participants were given the opportunity to visit Telkom Sigma, Infomedia, Telkomsel,, Telkom Metra and Telin (Telkom Internasional).


Once satisfied learning about the ins and outs of Telkom subsidiaries directly, the finalists began to practice to show the best. Starting from the ideas’ preparation, the presentation’s styles, the costumes, and of course not letting to forget to invite closest family and/or friends to watch them perform in the 2016 Sociodigileaders Grand Final.


After the 20 teams had done each presentation for the judges, the top 10 were chosen, they were: Trashme, Indonesia Literacy Department, Angon, Taponkatul, Tukangpedia, Bukubuk, SemarGareng, Vestifarm, and Angkuts. The top 10 were challenged to respond intelligently, appropriately, and quickly toward a secret question within a minute. Seems like Miss Indonesia! None of them knew what kind of questions that they would get.


Then,after each team performed and gave their answers, it was the time for the winner’s announcement.Vestifarm became the second followed by Angkutsfrom Pontianak as the third. The first was Tukangpedia as an application to facilitate the user gettingany carpenters easily. Then there was also an additional winnercalled Favorite Champion goes tothe Bukubuk’s team from Salatiga.


Tears, laugh, any emotions, and happiness mixed on the stage. At the end of the event, the winners got some selfiestyles with the jury and as the sweet ending enlighted by RAN with its bomber song called “Hari Baru”.


Congrats to the 2016 Sociodigileaders winners! Are you curious enough to follow up their success stories? Just click this button!