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Sociodigileaders 2016 Flashcback : From The Hardtop to The Warmth Campfire


August was fascinating and also challenging to the twenty teams of Sociodigileaders 2016.

Cause they got the invitation to join a bunch of leadership programs in Bandung. Gathered in Banana Inn Hotel and the coldness of Bandung were the best combination to increase the spirit among the participants. Spirites, enthusiasm, curiousity, and impatience were blending to be a very terrible storm in your stomach!

Event were held with the opening from the Director of Telkom Indonesia in Telkom Corporate University, Geger Kalong, Bandung. All participants are asked to bring a little clutch with 2 clothes, at that time. Curious what would happen next?

After listening to the speech and much of directives from several functonary of Telkom Indonesia, it went forward with made up the games and made up the team. What was that teams for? This was actually the team that should work together until the end of the day, pass through leadership challenges and teamwork challenges.

After the teams were formed, finalists of Sociodigileaders were invited to riding a dauntless-Hardtop to go around along the beautiful Bandung. But why must hardtop? Wasn’t it for the hard plain?

It turned to be true! The car started to pass a hard land and slanted upward. Shouts and laughs prom the participants had been heard because sometimes they’d been thrown to left and right, but don’ forget to holding on!

Finally they arrived in some posts of bootcamp games! Various challenges that brought them to be more cohesive, solid, strategic, and more leadership. All participants did they best and succumbed the test fluently.

One by one of games had been passed until afternoon, and they arrived on a pretty hill with tents that have already embeded. That were Bukit Perkemahan Cikole, Lembang. Wow, that night they were really really camping!

Togetherness along the day by blending to each other made them closer from that all 60 person from the first place. The coldness night was never really cold because of the series of night activities which as fun as the day. Moreover, that was really warmth with the grilling of corn and cassava and of course a cup of hot ginger and also a togetherness-campfire.

In the next day, the sixties got a big games, they were challenged to worked together in very tiny time so that the banner which hanged in the pole could open.the way to open that banner were by moving the lever that hold it. The lever could only moved if something thet hold it were fulled of water. All the teams were so excited to do the challenge. The aim of this games was to made up the solidarity and teamwork from the whole participants. Finally they could handle it even there were a lot of times remains. The last celebration in Cikole were very crowded with water war until all wet. But all peoples were happy doing that!

Togetherness is a hugely important aspect of life. It unites us, gives us security, much-needed support and a sense of belonging, and encourages us to love one another.

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