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Tukangpedia Goes To CEBIT, Jerman. Why not?!


As the winner of Sociodigileaders2016, Tukangpedia is an online service provider application now start to fly in its hometown, Balikpapan. Its three member, all from ITS :  Anita Rahmawati ,Annisa Zaskia Putri ,and Fahmi Hidayatullah .Tukangpedia not only bring pride to Balikapapan, but also achievement to Germany.

Tukangpedia’s success story is not as pretty as it seems, still fresh from memory their struggle when they start join the competition by Telkom Indonesia, Sociodigileaders. Working everyday until late at night, until finally they have to lie down because of illness.Now all has been paid with the brilliant achievements they have achieved.

Coming back from Silicon Valley, Tukangpedia learns a lot from experts in the startup field directly. They have visited Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook and absorbed their knowledge. Innovation and breakthrough began to thrive from the Tukangpedia team, from the exposure stage to the local government events,opening vacancies for young people who want to contribute in the world of startup (ranger) to presenting their startup at International event, CeBit in Germany on 23-24 March 2017.

Getting a rare opportunity to be able to "show off" in a prestigious event such as CeBit is certainly not an easy thing. Tukangpedia must compete with some other startup who also submitted a proposal to BeKraf to be a participant of Cebit event in the City of Hannover.

And wolaa! Good news for Tukangpedia because they managed to qualify and represent Balikpapan with other digital companies, namely: Agate International (Agate Studios), Amirage International (J-Spot Augmented Reality), AnantarupaNabhaSparshamDeeptam (Anantarupa Studio), Evolution of Universe Technology (Data Driven Asia), Eight Eleven Indonesia (i-811), Dreambender Indonesia (Isara), Two Four Seven (Solutions 247), Global Technology Fusion, Microelectronics Center ITB.

Proud of Tukangpedia!